Thursday, September 28, 2017


Of all the items in our closet, off-the-shoulder tops and dresses win the gold medal for fussiness. If the look wasn't so charming and trendy, we would probably would have all called it quits along time ago. Having to constantly adjust your top every time you move your arms too much is annoying. I saw a genius trick online and had to give it a whirl — it really works! 
All you need are 2 hair ties (sometimes I use elastic headbands) and medium size safety pins to keep the top exactly where you want it.

You're basically constructing a bungee that will lay underneath your armpit and keep your shoulders cold in place, whether you're reaching for something in your bag or lifting your arms over your head.

What you'll do: 
1. Loop one hair tie through a safety pin.
2. Secure a second safety pin on the other side of the hair tie. It will look a bit like a bungee cord with safety pins on the outside and elastic in the middle.
3. Fasten one safety pin to the inside elastic or seam of the shirt (so it will be invisible from the outside), right at the front of your armpit. Attach the second safety pin to the back.
4. Don't forget the other side of the shirt! lol
5. When dressing, weave your arm over the elastic and through the sleeve so the the hair tie rests under your armpit.

Saturday, June 24, 2017


                                               BLUE AND WHITE STRIPE TOP

So far this spring and summer has been a world wind for us. We decide to downsize since all of little chicks have move out. We still have one in college but she is only home for the summer. As you can see thru some of my pictures the decorating and lighting has changed. I am loving the bright white walls for picture taking. I am also super excited to start decorating this place. We got rid of a lot of stuff from the house. It was a little crazy for a couple of months selling stuff on garage sale site, had a garage sale, packing. Which anyone who has had a garage sale knows it a pain in ***.. lol It takes some much organizing and setting up!! UGHHH. But all in all we are loving the new place. I will keep you updated on my decorating and of course projects I come up with.
One thing was for sure I think I wore sweats, t-shirts and ponytails everyday for at least a month. The above pics are when I finally got my act together. This OLIVE TOP has a big bow in the back, and it looks like cotton material. It is actually silk cotton. It can definitely be worn down or dressed up. As for these TOPSHOP DISTRESS SHORTS they run true to size. What I liked about them is they run a little longer then most denim shorts. Which at my age is a HUGE plus!!! lol
The BLUE AND WHITE STRIPE TOP I purchased this a few months back, and finally got to wear it. Received tons of complements on this cutie. This one also runs true to size, not really a comfy shirt for day to day. But dinner or lunch out it perfect!!!
Again sorry for being MIA for a month, but at least you now know why..

Happy Shopping!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


                                                                      Shoes: bow flats

These adorable bow flats are a black canvas from Topshop!! I could not pass up the Big Bow on the shoe, and they are surprising comfortable too. Great flat for work or play:) I am so obsessed with shoes!! I buy more shoes then anything else. lol
If you grab these cuties, please let me know what you think. I always love hearing other ladies opinions..

Happy Shopping!!!