Wednesday, December 21, 2016



I purchased the converse at Nordstrom in a size 1. I brought the hot fix rhinestones at Hobby Lobby(Joann has them too). I ordered the ribbon shoelaces on Easy. They have several length and colors. These are 27" white ribbon laces. In your search put ribbon shoe laces and tons will come up. I also ordered the appliqué from Esty. I search for bow appliqués, there are many different kinds. I suggest for ribbon and appliqué you pick what you like the best.
These sneakers were extremely easy to make, and only about 30 mins to finish. 
First, heat your rhinestone gun up. It works best when it is really hot. I started at the stitch line of the toe and work myself across-then down (per row).  I did the same thing on the back tag. When all complete hot gun bow on back and lace up!!!
Now you have your self an adorable pair of blinged out converse. This can be done with any size, only thing that will vary is the length of the laces and how many stones you use.
If you have any questions please contact me..

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


I saw this picture and decide to make these for my granddaughter. I haven't received everything I have ordered yet. But I will keep you update and post pics when done.


Infant Converse
Ribbon Shoelaces
Hot Fix Rhinestones
Hot Fix Tool
Rhinestone Heart -for shoelaces
Bow Applique

Tuesday, December 6, 2016



UGHHHH!!! I had to pull out my snow boots already. Don't get me wrong it was a beautiful snowfall. Perfect for the first snowfall. My grandson absolutely loved playing with his Uncle. They built an awesome snowman!!!

This SOREL BOOTS are extremely warm, but are very heavy to work in all day.  This was the only down side to these boots. Great for a lot of snow or outside for long periods of time.  have another pair that are way lighter to wear and have the warmth.
My suggestion would be to try on several first to see what works best for you day to day!!

Happy Shopping!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016



This sweater is the perfect gift for every girl on your holiday list!!!
You guys - this oversized cable knit sweater is a DREAM. I am living in it - its nice & long and looks so 
cute. It runs TTS and has an oversized fit. You’ll probably want to wear it every day this winter, just a fair warning! I am pretty fussy about my sweaters. It comes in 4 colors red, (great for holiday season) olive, brown, and grey.

FYI- These leggings I'm wearing are "ZELLA ".  If you have been following me you would see I am a lover of Lululemon. I have tried Old Navy leggings, and tons of other brands- Always going back to Lulu!! But girls- I have to tell you these leggings fit and wear just like Lulu for half the price.. SCORE!!! I just ordered another pair for myself and both of my daughters. If you have tried these or another great leggings let me your thoughts. Love to here from you girls.. 😍

Happy Shopping!!

Thursday, November 24, 2016


                                                            Holiday Sales!!

                                        Sales currently going on:

ANN TAYLOR50% off everything with code CELEBRATE
BAUBLEBAR: 30% off holiday collection & gift sets with code HOLIDAY30
BANANA REPUBLIC50% off one full-priced item with code BRFIFTY 
and 40% off the rest of your purchase with code BRFORTY
EXPRESS50% off everything & free shipping on all orders
GAP50% off everything with code TGIF50 
J.CREW: 40% off everything in stores and online with code HOLIDAY 
J.CREW FACTORY: 50-60% off everything, prices as marked
KATE SPADE: Surprise sale, up to 75% off
LOFT: 50% off everything with code BERRYGOOD
MACY'S: Extra 20% off and free shipping with $50 purchase, use code THANKS
NORDSTROM:  Up to 40% off men's, women's and children's, no code needed
NORDSTROM: Sale items additional 20%, no code needed
OLD NAVY50% off almost everything, discount applied at checkout
TORY BURCH 30% off $250 or more with code THANKS
NORDSTROM RACK: 30% off sale item, Clear the Rack until 11/27



Monday, November 21, 2016


This is a great sale by Bauble bar to start holiday shopping!! The 30% off sale in only until 11/23 so HURRY..
I placed an order for my girls, my mom and sister for Christmas.
Be creative with Bauble bar for all holiday gifts, or shop for yourself. Girls love their jewels !!!
Happy Shopping!!

Friday, November 11, 2016


This SWEATER has small bell sleeves that makes it 
even more adorable ;)
It's a great sweater for these warmer November day's. Everyone needs a bright white sweater to help them get thru the cold winter weather. It fit true to size, but has a lot a stretch in it.
Happy Shopping

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


                                                      CLEAR THE RACK SALE

Starting today its Clear the Rack sale again!!! Get an additional 25% off all clearance items.  I have included the link above for on line shoppers. This is a great way to start holiday shopping!I'll keep you posted on any great items I purchase today.:)
Happy Shopping!!

Friday, November 4, 2016


These are my ultimate favorite riding boots!!!
The best part is they are on sale again.
 HURRY to Nordstroms  to get 33% off.
Best Deal for these amazing boots:)

Let me know what you think of these boots?
Happy Shopping!!

Thursday, October 27, 2016



I have to tell you I am not a big scarf person. I know most people love scarves for the cozy feeling. It's actually a funny subject with my family, they make fun of me because of how many scarves I own that I don't wear. My girls are taking them all the time. They drive my neck Every time I put a scarf on I can only wear it for a couple of hours. The problem is I love all the pattern of the scarves, so I keep buy new ones every year. I swear to myself every time I get one that I will wear it with this or that. Nope-never!!
I have to say after looking at scarves around town. I was on Nordstrom last night and could not believe the amount of scarves they have for under $30. These are only a 1/4 of the patterns and colors. If you love scarves go check Nordstrom B.P scarves. If I got excited about them, and you are a scarf lover - This is the place to be:)

Happy Shopping:)


Monday, October 24, 2016


Transforming oak staircase into sultry, dark espresso staircase is easy. It’s messy though. I’m going to walk you through it step by step as much as I can in this tutorial. I hope you’ll find it easy, non-intimidating and then recommend my blog to all your friends so my blog can grow and grow. Since I do this all for free out of the goodness of my little heart. No pressure. Tell your friends.

(1 coat)
Alright, let’s do this. You need some supplies first. They’re not pricey, but you do need all of them. If there’s an appropriate alternative, I’ll list it. Otherwise, plan to get exactly what I list to get the same results I did. YOU CAN DO THIS! 

(after 3 coats)


-Sanding block (I bought an one for about $4 from my local hardware store.)

-Lysol dual action wipes (or a sponge with soap/water)


-Masking tape AND painter’s tape

-General Finishes Java Gel Stain (YOU CANNOT SUBSTITUTE THIS! I had a ton of trouble finding it locally, so I bought it on Amazon and had it to my door in about 4 days.)  If you’re doing a large staircase, order the quart. I ordered the quart since I am doing a medium size staircase. I just wanted to make sure I had enough. A little of this goes a LONG way.

-General Finishes Satin Poly  topcoat or any other satin polycoat will do.

- White Semi Gloss paint. I will only need a quart.( Any brand will work for this part) Also skip this part if you are not changing you spindle color. 

-Tack cloth

-Men's sock or a foam brush


-Postal wrapping paper or drop cloths or tarp to protect floors. I bought the postal wrapping paper at Dollar Tree and it was so easy to cover up my floor.

Total cost for all of the materials should be between $50-$100ish. 

                     (railing after 3 coats) 

Step 1: Prep your area.

This is probably the least fun step, but you must protect your floors, walls, carpet or any area that may get stain on it. And trust me, this stuff is oil based,  so it stains easily and quickly. Makes it great for cabinets too. Prep now to avoid lots of messy clean-up later. I used painters tape for walls/carpet trim and around spindles

Step 2: Clean all wood surfaces.
I used the Lysol dual action wipes because one side is scrubby and the other side is smooth. Basically you want to make sure to get any grime, dust, gooey stuff, dirt, etc. off the rails and stairs. Once you’re done cleaning, make sure they’re dry before 

Step 3: Lightly sand rails, spindles etc and remove dust with a tack cloth.

You should not spend a ton of time sanding. I would say 1 minute per area  You’re just wanting to break up some of the shine on wood, not completely strip them. I used an sanding block with a fine (not medium or coarse) finish to get in the bevels. Once you sand, make sure to thoroughly wipe off all dust with a tack cloth. Do this twice.

Step 4: Stain. Dry. Stain. Dry. Stain. Dry. Dry. Dry. Poly. Dry. Poly. Dry. Dry. Dry.
This step doesn’t have many pictures because I had to use one hand to stain and another to make sure I wasn’t getting gel stain all over the place…but bear with me.

You’ll put on a (double)vinyl glove. I put it on my right hand since I am right handed. Then put your men’s sock over it. Why does it have to be a men’s sock? Well, generally men’s socks are white and tend to be LONG,  so it’ll protect your entire forearm from gel stain. The glove is meant to protect your hands from being stained an espresso color. You’ll leave your other hand free to wipe off any globs or stain that you might get in places you don’t want them.

I’ve read reports where people used a foam brush to apply the stain, but I prefer the sock method. Do whatever makes you happy. :) 

Now, how much stain to use? These aren’t exact figures, so don’t go whip out your measuring spoons, but my point is use a slightly generous amount, but do not go overboard.

Also, unlike other staining methods, DO NOT wipe it off. You want to put on a nice, thin coat. Make sure the stain doesn’t glob up on/in corners, that’s when cheesecloth/gauze is handy. Then you let coat 1 dry for 12 hours. Then you put the 2nd coat. Let it dry for 24 hours. Then put the last/third coat and let it dry for 5 days and then seal it with 2 coats of Satin Poly.

Drying time is so important, DO NOT rush this step or you will end up having to put on a billion coats of stain and it will not be good. Light, thin coats + ample drying time + topcoat= fantastic results.

Your first coat may result in panic… Go have a shot of tequila and keep the faith. It will look streaky and odd and ugly.

After 3 coats of stain + 2 coats of poly + lots of drying time, And you’re done! Ta-dah! For the coat of poly, follow the manufacturer's instruction (and good judgment) for the drying time. More drying time is always better than less.

                       Finished project

When you are done with the staining of the stairs, that is when you will paint the spindles.

This part is really quick and easy. I used painter tape to tape off around all spindles.
I then applied 3 colors of white semi-gloss paint. (any brand is fine for this part). The drying time in between colors was only a few hours.
Obviously if you spindles are already painted you can skip this part.

Some quick tips:
-Don’t over think this project. It is quite easy. 

-Please use General Finishes gel stainAmerican General Gel Stain Java and Poly Topcoat. You won’t regret it.
-Light coats=success
-Drying time=the longer the better
-Do not over apply or over wipe. Check for globs when you’re done and smooth out with pinky finger.
-Socks rock for applying stain. Socks for applying poly. Simply wipe it on.
-If you’re intimated by this project, try it on the back of a cabinet door first or buy a  spare cabinet door at REStore or Goodwill.
-Touch up any streaks in the finish BEFORE applying the poly.
-You can do this! 

Please leave me any  comments or questions below, or you can always e-mail me at

Monday, October 17, 2016


                                   BOOTS // CARDIGAN //NECKLACE (SIMILAR)

This weekend we had some chilly fall days. It was so nice to really pull out my fall cozy jackets.  In the top picture thats my oldest daughter Justine, she is expecting her second munchkin Nov 16.  Justine is a very lucky pregnant mom, she can wear regular size clothing for most of pregnancy. The BURGUNDY JACKET is from Forever 21 its a medium, and under $25. The BLACK & WHITE TOP she is wearing is from Target junior section on sale for $10. I tell you when Target has sales, they have good sales. Justine is a busy shopper and will all love to be. She is very funny because I swear more then have the time she has no idea its on sale until she gets to register - with this shirt see liked and needed, then goes to check out and its $9... That makes her day:)
My SHEARLING JACKET is great light weight jacket. The jacket is all sweater material, and the collar is faux shearling. What I liked about it is that you can wear it like a cardigan. I am NOT big on heavy coats. I probably should not live is  I try to make the best of it with different types of layering when I can, and this jacket is great for layering. My booties are amazingly comfortable, the heel is a great height for walking in. As well as the fur padding on the inside. I spray all my boots/booties with a water repellent in the beginning of the season and then again around December. 

My olive green CARDIGAN is the bottom picture was from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. It was the first time I wore it. I loved the length, softness, lose fitting, I just ordered in black for full price (bummer). I so which I would have know how much I would have like living in this sweater this

Happy Shopping!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016



I just found this great site StyleWe they have fabulous clothes for amazing prices. The nice thing about  StyleWe is they have items for all age women - Which we all know is hard to find trendy items for us over 40 women. I also am not a big person on wearing heavy, balky sweaters. I tend to like lighter weight ones. StyleWe has a  great selection of both.  I also found several dresses, and outwit that were adorable. So please check out StyleWe. I love spreading the word when I find a good site or sale. 

StyleWe is also have a 15% off orders over a $100, and 20% for download their phone app.

Happy Shopping!!


Sunday, October 9, 2016


This vest and top are under $35 at Target. I tip for- always check your cartwheel app because I received 20% off with the app.
 This vest is definitely worth the money. The cream top has lace sleeve and is very thick.        Which is nice in chilly weather.

SCARF (similar one.) 

If you go to this site all scarves are 25% off. I have several from here that you will see me posting thru out the season. Glik clothing store is located in Holland, MI. I found it while vacation there several years ago. They now have a online store, seriously check them out. The prices are very reasonably, and the stuff is very cute.


This blouse is 33% off right now, under $28. As I said on instagram I have this in several colors. Great blouse for all year around :)
This blouse had 3/4 sleeves that can be unhooked.

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, October 6, 2016







Sorry, for not posting theses links earlier. We have had out of town family all week. It's been a  little crazy, as you can imagine. These of some of the outfits I have been sporting around this week. Again all my jeans and tanks are for Old Navy. Totally addicted to both those items from then. The 2 TJmaxx tops I have posted were under $15 each. I just bought them at the last week. So you should be able to still find them. If you have any questions please email me!!
Happy Shopping!

Thursday, September 29, 2016



We used to live in NY and when the leaves change it was absolutely gorgeous. The hills were breath taken. We now live Illinois it is not hilly, its so flat. When fall comes its beautiful but not the same experience with the colors changing. We always have to take a ride to Michigan for this full effect.
I have to say with burgundy being my new black for this fall season, it makes me think of the NY. I always get a little homesick this time of the year.
This year I decide to go little crazy with shopping, here are some of all time favorites..
I will be posting more of favorites for the season soon! Another color obsessed with olive green..

Happy Shopping:)

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Halloween is right around the corner. I was TARGET last week and spotted the kids halloween costumes. They are absolutely adorable but the were getting picked over already. I immediately called my daughter about my grandsons costume - which by there way she wanted me to make. After see these costumes and the price, there was no way in heck I could make one that good.. lol
BOGO 50% off Adult, Kid, Baby and Toddler Costumes and Costume Accessories this week at In addition, they're having 30% off all Rugs, 48 hours only (10/7-10/8). Also have an online only offer of 20% off Clothing, Shoes and Accessories running 10/2-10/8. You will also get great savings on deals for their home with up to 25% off Furniture and Décor.
One more thing ... They have a last minute offer starting tomorrow running through Sunday (10/2) offering 25% off Halloween Decorations