Thursday, March 31, 2016


I started seeing a lot of wide leg crop pants around and decide maybe I can use a pair. I was looking around and found Express has them for $59.99, and Old Navy has jeans for $24.97 and pants for $14.97. What a steal!!! I order both Old Navy's. I really can't believe that these are back in style!!! I included the links to all..
Have fun shopping!!!

                                                                   EXPRESS JEANS
                                                                       WIDE CROP PANTS
                                                                    Wide Leg Crop Jeans

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


 If you love this bracelet or anything else from BAUBLE BAR you can  20% off your first order by clicking the link below.. Have fun shopping !!!
                                                                      BAUBLE BAR


I ordered this dress and accessories last night. We are going to Napa Valley, CA in a couple of weeks with my husband company, and thought this would be perfect for wine country. I can not wait to wear it. We have a couple company dinner to attend, and thought the colors and flow of this dress would be awesome.  I loved the all the colors and the halter top.
If you have been following you can tell I absolutely love TASSELS and bright colors this seasons!! I will post pics and soon as I get back :)

Earring // Clutch // Steve Madden Shoes // Bracelets // Floral Dress (Waitlist) // Ring

Monday, March 28, 2016


I got to thinking a few months ago when my husband asked if my eye creme would work on him. Of course I laughed at first, an then started thinking. They have tons of men's products on the shelves. and in the department stores. I started to look into it for him, and found some of the top products for men. I told my son and son in law about them too. Now they are all using them and very happy with the results.
I guess men love beauty products as well ;)

Saturday, March 26, 2016


Just a little beauty tip!!! When you combined these 2 mascaras your lashes come out unbelievably FULL, LONG and have tons on VOLUME.. I wear these 2 everyday. When I go out night/special event I put on
3 layers of each.. I usually start with the "they're real" one first, then alternate. Totally Awesome products!!! I turned my girls on to these too.. They LOVE them too..


Yesterday, I wore the Old Navy compression pants. I have to tell you I really liked them. They never bagged or sagged. I am sure you all know what I am talking about when I say that, because that is one of my big pet peeves with work out pants. I differently think I found new workout pants to for a whole lot cheaper. Also have to let you know I'm not a big workout person, but I do love wearing workout pant for my casual comfy days.
If you have thoughts on these pants, I would love to here your feedback.

Friday, March 25, 2016


                                     OLD NAVY GO-DRI COMPRESSION CROP PANTS
                                                                HIGH TIMES PANTS

I have been a fan of Lululemon athletic pants for years now. Actually my daughter (Vanessa) turned me on to them when she was in HS. So needless to say now I have to buy 2 of everything ;). But I have to say they wear really well, and last a really long time. I still have the first pair I bought, and they still look great and never lost there fit. However, I have another daughter (Justine), and several friends that love Old Navy's compression pants. They swear by them, and for the price how can you not!! Yesterday, in the pouring rain with my daughter and grandson. I went to a bought a pair, and I am wearing them today. I will let you know my thoughts tomorrow. Wish me luck, because if we can save $70 or more, that would be AWESOME!! Who doesn't like a bargain..:)

Thursday, March 24, 2016


TOPSHOP "Ghillie" fancy pointy toe flats
I got TONS of complements on these shoes this week, and wanted to know were I got them.  I wanted to make easy for y'all to get them. I have to say they're very comfy. I wore them to work all day and never hurt.

Adorable Clothes at Reasonable Prices

You have to check out this website!!! They have the most adorable clothes with the best prices tag too.. First orders are an additional 40% off!! How can you bet that deal. I order several tops and love everyone of them. They fit true size, which is always a plus.. CLICK the link on the right side to make sure you get your discount:)

Friday, March 11, 2016


Check out these ideas!!! If you are interested in updated your entryway with pictures or painting an old chest/tables. I love how they took all different items and made a wall collage, the old typewriter is perfect. Hanging a wreath on mirror is cute too. We all know bins are a BIG thing for storage. My favorite thing is how they all added just a touch of green, whether in a glass vase, greenery(wreaths) or pictures. 
I was in Homegoods this week and they have a bunch of wreath that look so real. Also if you are thinking of painting furniture I highly recommended chalk paint. There are several really good products out there. I love Annie Sloan, but I have also tried Ace Hardware and Rustoleum. They all work really well if you follow the directions. I hope this helps with some new ideas for your entryway or a odd wall in your homes. If you need any help feel free to email. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Adorable Free People Dresses

Look at what I found on Nordstorm!! All these adorable "Free People" dresses for the spring. I had to share them with you, because I  can not decide which one's to get. I LOVE  them all. Let me know which one's you have or are ordering. Also let me know how they fit...

Red Dress // Slate blue dress (bottom one) // Creme "off the shoulder" dress // Blue short sleeve dress (BlueBird) //  Black 'Lilou" flower mini dress //Black "Jasmine" wrap dress //Pink "Emma" dress

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Today I decide to paint my family room end table. No sanding need!! WooHoo...

This is the draw of table orginally black and one coat of Annie Sloan Caulk paint.

Above is the end table with 2 coats of Old Ochre (chalk pant) color. It very easy this part took me about 45 mins. I let it dry between coats, it dries very fast. Also the paint can be put on anyway, and it coated the black great!!!

I then took a piece of sand paper and roughed up the edge of the table so some of the black would show thru. At this point it really is you sand until you are happy with it. There is no right or wrong way. After sanding I put 1 coat of Annie Sloan clear wax on with a rag. I then took Annie Sloan dark wax with a brush and rubbed it on the edges, and the took my rag and spread it out.
This is the finished project.
 If you have any question please feel free to contact me!!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

I follow "Red Dress Boutique" for a while and have like many of their items. So this week I decide I would order this shirt. I received it yesterday. I absolutely love it, it fits true to size, material is great and well made. Highly recommend ordering from them..

Friday, March 4, 2016

Check out this Off the shoulder, olive green dress. These Steve Madden fringe will be adorable together. Perfect for a warm night dinner!!! You can also dress it down with a great pair of flats or wedges..

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Vacation Wear

Slip dress // Wedge espadrille // Pink RayBan sunglasses //Beaded bracelet // Straw hat
Look at this adorable outfit for vacation!!! Loving the pastel peach and mint green dress. It's at Nordstorm for under $50. The hat and sunglasses we're a must have, can never have enough. The shoes are comfy too, and under $100. But if you are like me with espadrilles I wear them a lot because the heel is perfect for all day and into the night.This creme color will go with tons!! Can't wait to wear this to dinner in Mexico next week!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Shopping yesterday at TJMaxx and found this 2 adorable must haves. Kate Spade belt for $25.00 its bright pink. I'm loving pink this season!! The pouch is Kate Spade Saturday only $10 on clearance.. I differently couldn't pass this up. Only thing I'm sorry about is there are no links for me to share!! If you like them try going to your TJMaxx.. I'll keep my fingers crosses for you. :)


Orange Tassel Necklace // Multi Color Necklace // Multi Color Bracelet // Purple bracelet
TASSEL JEWELRY how much fun are these for spring and summer. I had to buy and post!!! The colors are so bright and fun. Bauble Bar and Pacacea in love!! Tassels are everywhere this spring jewelry, shoes and purse...


First, I have to say I cannot get enough bunnies in the spring. Love decorating with them. I feel like there is hope for some warm weather. Now for the desk and hutch, these are old family piece that were originally cherry wood. I decide to change up the style in my house a little(well a lot). I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint it is so easy to work with, I started using it on small projects. I then made the big leap to these projects. I figured what do I have to lose. When I say easy, I mean easy!!! No sanding. No priming, Covers in 2 coats, Apply paint anyway you want. I applied 2 coats of Paris Grey to the desk, and 2 coats of French Linen to the hutch. I let it dry for 24 hours, applied 1 coat of clear wax and the I played with the dark wax to get the color and finish I wanted. DONE!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Black Rufffle Off The ShoulderTop // Plaid Top // Bow Bracelet // Kate Spade Watch // Black Booties//Stripped Pumps // Twist Bracelet // Hudson Jeans // Skinny Jeans

Visit Von Maur website for more Style Corner looks. They have the cutest things in there Contemporary session. This store is located in the midwest. It's compatible to Nordstorm.
Enjoy this spring looks!!!!