Friday, March 25, 2016


                                     OLD NAVY GO-DRI COMPRESSION CROP PANTS
                                                                HIGH TIMES PANTS

I have been a fan of Lululemon athletic pants for years now. Actually my daughter (Vanessa) turned me on to them when she was in HS. So needless to say now I have to buy 2 of everything ;). But I have to say they wear really well, and last a really long time. I still have the first pair I bought, and they still look great and never lost there fit. However, I have another daughter (Justine), and several friends that love Old Navy's compression pants. They swear by them, and for the price how can you not!! Yesterday, in the pouring rain with my daughter and grandson. I went to a bought a pair, and I am wearing them today. I will let you know my thoughts tomorrow. Wish me luck, because if we can save $70 or more, that would be AWESOME!! Who doesn't like a bargain..:)