Sunday, April 3, 2016


Lately, I've been trying out different foundations. There have been a few hits... and also a few misses. I'll share only my favorites with you... I've been using for the past month and I've really been loving. It's actually It Cosmetic CC full coverage cream! It provides more coverage than I'm used to, but it truly makes your skin look perfect (and covers up all my acne scars). My mom came to visit and asked about my face make up, so now she is using it too..  I switch between medium and tan, depending on whether or not I've been tanning. I always apply it with It Cosmetic brush #7 for even coverage. I also use Bye Bye anti aging under eye concealer. When applying the concealer I use the small side of brush #7. One more important thing! I always set the CC Cream with Bye Bye pores powder - it is an amazing setting powder. It's translucent so you don't have to worry about matching your skin color...I love that it soaks up all of the oil, and makes pores look minimal.  

Also, some days when I am not doing much and don't need full coverage. I tried and REALLY like Bye Bye tinted moisturizer . I use it with the same brush (#7). All of these products  REALLY WORK. I was a true Mac Cosmetic girl for years and decided I need something new, and are very happy!!!