Saturday, May 14, 2016

Favorite Friday Products

On Friday's I will start posting my favorite beauty, hair, skin, makeup projects. So check back every FRIDAY!!
This week I started with some hair products, self tanner and deodorant. I have to say I never used a spray deodorant before. I was at walgreens and the sale person talked me into buying this Dove brand  it was on promotion that week. So the suck that I am for trying new things- I did!!  Guess what? I love it, it smells so good and definitely keep you dry. Pureology shampoo and conditioner is by far the best hair products. I have tried all kinds from cheap to expensive. This is so worth the money. The best part it last at least 3months for the shampoo, and 4-5month for the conditioner. I have short-medium length hair - you only need a little bit of each if that helps. As for hairspray " Big Sexy Hair" is awesome it holds your hair but it still so soft, definitely a plus. I hate when hair spray makes your hair so hold. I have been using Catwalk root lifter for about 4 years now. I can not seem to find another product that gives me the lift and still lets me blow dry my hair with out pulling it out.. lol
I am a crazy person when it comes to self tanners. I am constantly trying new products, so if you have any good ones PLEASE let me know!!! This L'oreal is ok for now, I hate smelling afterwards.. When done with my shower, I shake off  water and spray this on an rub it in and then towel dry (dapping). I get no streaking.. and don't smell as bad!!
I hope this helps, please come back for a visit next Friday for product reviews!!
<3 Donna