Saturday, June 25, 2016




These outfits have been some of my favorites this week. The JCrew BLOUSE is a staple in my closet.
I have wore this with short, skirt ( past post), and jeans.  When I find a pair of shorts or jeans that I like the way they fit, I buy them in every color.  JCrew SHORTS and Old Navy rockstar jeans are my absolutely favorite bottom. My thing with bottoms is, they are so hard to find ones that fit- so when you do buy them UP!!!

The off the shoulder BLOUSE is from She-In website it was under $12.00. I have order several dresses and tops from them. I have liked them all from the material to the way they fit. The only thing is that delivery is a little slow..FYI

CHOKER are back in style!!! Baublebar has tons tons of really cool ones.. Check them out!!

I purchased this adorable shoes at Nordstrom rack yesterday. They are designed by Franto Sarto.. I posted a similar one. They had them in tan and black, I suggest running to you rack for this very comfy shoes that were under $49.00.

If you have any brands or store you give 4 stars to, let me know!!! I love trying new things :)

Happy Weekend!!