Friday, August 12, 2016


I received this beautiful wrap package in the mail this week. I love surprise package, as I am sure everyone does. When I opened I was so excited to try this eyeliner and mascara. 
First off let me begin with I am not that talented with making cat eye's, so with that said.  I never wear them, it might be because I'm to old.. lol
So my daughter Vanessa decide to teach me.  As we all have our favorite products, so does she. While teaching me she realized that this mascara and eyeliner were awesome.  The eyeliner went on so smooth and easy. She said that it was much more free flowing then a kohl liner. This was one try too!!  She said sometimes she needs to take her liner off and start again. So thats's a plus !!! The mascara gave great volume and length with just one coat. This is just one coat of mascara on her eyelashes. 
Guess what I lost my new mascara and eyeliner!!! Vanessa found a new one.. lol

These products are definitely worth using. I will be buying them for myself..
The great think is sold in every target, walgreens and walmart...

Happy Shopping!