Thursday, September 22, 2016



I have mention OLD NAVY rockstar jeans is some of my other posts. If there is one thing I have to swear that I am obsessed with it's these jeans.  I have been buying them for a couple of years now. They're the jeans I wear in most of my posts.  So if you ever question what I am jeans I am wearing it will always be rockstar jeans. What I love about them is they NEVER stretch out, you can wear them over and over without washing, never fade or look worn out. Also they come is tons of washes and colors. They also have 3 types of rises, low rise, medium rise, and high rise. I wear medium rise all the time. 
These I must try item!!! 
I decide to venture out of my jean box a little;) I bought a pair of  ROCKSTAR JEGGING from Old Navy in medium rise. I have to tell you I was very happy I decide to be adventurist, because these jeans are so comfortable. The best way to describe them are; they feel and fit like leggings but look like jeans. It's a win-win if you ask me!!
Happy Shopping!!!