Sunday, October 9, 2016


This vest and top are under $35 at Target. I tip for- always check your cartwheel app because I received 20% off with the app.
 This vest is definitely worth the money. The cream top has lace sleeve and is very thick.        Which is nice in chilly weather.

SCARF (similar one.) 

If you go to this site all scarves are 25% off. I have several from here that you will see me posting thru out the season. Glik clothing store is located in Holland, MI. I found it while vacation there several years ago. They now have a online store, seriously check them out. The prices are very reasonably, and the stuff is very cute.


This blouse is 33% off right now, under $28. As I said on instagram I have this in several colors. Great blouse for all year around :)
This blouse had 3/4 sleeves that can be unhooked.

Happy Shopping!