Wednesday, March 22, 2017


TOP PURSE : BLACK CROSSBODY //  SIMILAR TO TAN :THIS ONE The above one is no longer available
I want to first apologize for how late my blog posts have been. The struggle bus is REAL! I am trying to hop back on the horse of having my post done the night before, but I have been realizing lately that I keep stretching myself too thin. I overcommit and invest way to much when I need to be focusing on normal things like not stressing over content, and not forgetting to eat. I also need to take time and go and find a yoga place, to get my myself healthy again. This was one of my goals this year!! I keep dropping the ball and need to give up the reigns. Ok enough of me rambling, I know we ALL are busy and ALL are going a million miles per hour.
First, these purses just make me happy. I love cross body purses when traveling or shopping. It makes  traveling so easy when you are sightseeing, or shopping and have your hands full.
Anyways, happy hump day! I am late to pick up my furry friend from the groomers.