Wednesday, March 1, 2017


I was out with my girlfriends this week, and they were asking about my make-up!! So, I figured I would updated you on my favorite make-up items. As a preface to this post,  I do want to say how important it is to wash your face and take off your makeup at night - I can visibly see a huge difference in my skin the next morning if I don't. I use this face wash and this moisturizer every night before bed and am completely obsessed with both. I do use these wipes to remove makeup before washing my face. The combination of the two has completely transformed my skin! I have struggled with acne my whole life. So when I find something that works I am thrilled. My makeup looks so much better on because my skin is smoother and more moisturized, which I attribute to the face wash and moisturizer.

Now let's get started with makeup... 

1. Foundation
I have used this foundation for the past three or so months and really love it. It's really hydrating (which is great for my sometimes dry skin) and I really love that it has an SPF of 50+ for the summer months. I don't have to apply sunscreen on my face which is so nice, because sunscreen clogs pores! I use  this foundation brush to apply the product.

There are some days that I don't want to wear much makeup or go through my entire makeup routine... on those days, I turn to this product this foundation. It covers incredibly well, blurs imperfections and just makes my skin look really natural - the perfect "no makeup makeup" look.

3. Under Eyes
Next I apply this concealer right underneath my eyes and down the front of my nose. The key is blending REALLY well into my foundation. I like a bright under eye, but in the past I have made the mistake of applying too much! You want your eyes to look bright and youthful, and for the under-eye concealer to blend into the rest of your makeup. Some days I will add this concealer for a brighter look. I have found the best way to apply concealer is with my index finger, it blends the best!

4. Contour 
This contour kit is the best - I have tried a few others and didn't like them as much. The shades are perfect for applying around my hairline and underneath cheekbones. I also like the highlight shade that comes in the kit - I'll apply this on my forehead, chin and down my nose. 

5. Blush
I have used  this blush for years and keep coming back to it because the formula is so nice - it goes on really smoothly and is long-lasting. Right now I'm using the color "dame" but I also have "fleurpower" and it's also gorgeous and suitable for all skin types. I use this brush with all of my blushes and it's perfect for applying on the apples of your cheeks! 

6. Highlight
I use this highlighter from benefit cosmetics. This is a beautiful glowy highlighter that blends into your skin flawlessly. The great thing about this product is that you can build it up for a stronger highlight, depending on what you like.  I use iron my under my eyebrow, and cheek bones. Some days when I don't put full makeup on I use this all over my eye lid too!

7. Mascara
My mascara routine hasn't changed in a long time... I start with this mascara and apply 2 coats. Then I top it with either this mascara or this one. Both are amazing and work INSANELY well.  I promise you won't be disappointed by this combination!

8. Eyebrows 
I only recently realized how eyebrows can really frame your face and highlight your eyes. I use this this eyebrow pencil to fill in my brows (in the shade #4medium ). I start by applying a few strokes with the pencil side and filling in any sparse hairs, then I comb it this eyebrow gel over the eyebrow pencil. I HIGHLY recommend this product, even if you already have dark brows! 

9. Finish 
This is my favorite part of my makeup routine (not sure why!). I love this pressed powder and save it for last to "set" my makeup. I swirl the powder onto a fluffy brush and blend it into my skin in circular motions... preventing shine, blurring imperfections and decreasing the sizes of my pores. It's a literal miracle product!
Last but not least, this finishing mist !

If you guys have any product recommendations, I would love to hear them. I'm always looking to try out new products!! :)