Wednesday, April 12, 2017


First I have to say Lush t-shirt dresses & Socialite dresses are under $8.00. I live in these dresses from spring - fall. They always look cute and wash great!!

Here are some of my must haves!!! 
Of course some of them I'll save for the fall-Why not at these prices!!

This floral romper will be a great go to this fall. Sorry I'm think ahead :)

Oh my!! this grey loss t-shirt is under $10. I bought this at full price!!! Ughhh

Off the shoulder tops always wins with me.( $7.45)

This sweatshirt comes is tons of patterns.

I can go on and on, so  I will definitely keep you posted on my other great fines today.
Happy Shopping! 
Let me know what you find too!!

Monday, April 10, 2017


Justine, Me, and Vanessa

This was family weekend for my daughter Vanessa (on right)at University of Kentucky. It's her senior year and is studying to become a nurse.  My oldest daughter Justine is in the middle. We had a great weekend, with lots of laughs, dancing, shopping and of course eating. Kentucky is such a fun area to visit-especially when Chicago was 55 degrees and brown. lol 
On Friday night we went to Luke Pell concert, he's from the bachorette (Jojo season) at Tin Roof. Great food, drinks and music. We went to Keeneland for opening weekend, this was probably not the smart choice since it was so so crowded. The lines were crazy for drinks and food - plus we usually do box seats and they were sold out. But tailgating and people watching is always a blast!!
I got lots of questions about my shirt and dress from this weekend. My Off the Shoulder Blouse was a big hit Friday night, but the best part is its 40% off now..
My dress from Keeneland on Saturday was from Nordstrom Rack and the bummer is it's no longer available. The brand is Wear & Need. I will keep you posted if it happens to come back in stock.
I hope you all had a great weekend too.

Thursday, April 6, 2017


                                                                   Target: Sugarfix

So excited to see Sugarfix by Baublebar at Target. I love Baublebar jewelry they have awesome designs at such reasonable prices.  When I got the email announcing Sugarfix coming to Target I was jumping up and down.  How about getting there jewelry designs for even a better price-WooHoo!!!!

This is the code for 10% -STYLE10, on accessories, clothing, and swim too.  I have to tell you if you have never shopped on line at Target, you have to try it!! I think they have way more stuff on line and  always seem to have your size. The best part is there delivery is free on over $50 purchases, and it comes FAST.. Always a plus!!!

 Happy Shopping!! Please let me know what you think. I always like to here others thoughts.

Sunday, April 2, 2017


                                                               BLACK & TAN ESPADRILLES

I went to Target this week for some household items, and Of course got distracted in the shoe aisle. I think we can all related to this. There is something about Target you can not just run in for 
There Dolce Vita shoes are so adorable and comfortable. I could have bought all of them. I pick these 3, but I have been still thinking of a few others I tried on. Which are now in my cart online!! lol
I was surprise with the brands Target has been selling.  Dolce Vita Shoes, Baublebar jewelry and April 9th Victoria Beckham line will be released. 
I think its safe to say everyone "loves" Target.